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The Resort is located in a remote and isolated part of the beach, making it the ideal place for those that just want some peace and quiet.

It exudes this atmosphere of calmness and amicability. All rooms and casas in the resort are vast and comfortable which makes it a good place for couples, friends, families and even for company outings. 

TOP 9 BEACH RESORTS IN LAIYA (San Juan, Batangas) (

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Palm Beach Resort offers spacious Balinese-inspired casas. It has a beachfront, an infinity pool, an outdoor playground, a dining pavilion, and a function room.

It’s another good option for people who like serenity and exclusivity. It caters to regular beach goers, as well as honeymooners and groups who are out for special occasions.


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Palm Beach Resort is one of the best beach resorts in Batangas which is part of the long coastline known as Laiya.

It features accommodations that are elegant and well-designed. They offer rooms ideal for couples, families and homogeneous groups. We checked-in at the Casa Sofia. It's an air-conditioned room that has a queen-size bed, couch, television, refrigerator and a comfort room with hot and cold shower. The best part of the room was its balcony and breathtaking view of the sea and beachfront.

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We found a nice beach resort in Batangas. Watch on!

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